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The first symptom of roseola is a high fever that comes on suddenly. When the fever lessens after about three days, a rash appears on the chest and stomach and spreads to the legs and neck.

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larger areas near groin roseola 


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estella kerr says:

does the baby have any swelling with roseolla

lasky says:

@ the poster in his/her do not have roseola. The rash does not itch. Neither does it last weeks and months.

emily haskell says:

I am in my seventies and have had a rash for 10 months. It began on my face and has spread down my body. I have been to 2 dermitologist and an alergy doctor. None of the three diagnosed Roseola. They said I am alergic to something. But, after seeing these pictures, I believe I have Roseola. As it traveled down my body it went away on the upper part. My face lasted for about 3 months, then my shoulders and arms. Now, my back, stomach and beginning to appear on my legs. It itches very bad for about 2 weeks on each part of body affected.

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